Experienced Equipment Repairs: With decades of Industry experience and an extensive & busy Hire Department we really know our kit inside and out.


Our team of qualified technicians are highly capable of completing most repairs to your equipment. From replacing connectors through to component level repairs on PCB's, we are happy to provide a qualified assessment and give you a quote to repair your equipment.

For £50+vat we will:

  • Test & Assess equipment for repair.
  • Repair equipment in under One Hour If requiring only standard parts.
  • Provide an estimate for repair if parts and additional hours are required.
  • Advise if we think the repair is cost effective / economical.

(On booking equipment in, please notify us of any limits you would like us to work within).

We will always do our best to meet a repair deadline but can not promise to do so!

Please let us know when booking if required within a specific time frame.

(If required we can also complete repairs on-site. Please get in touch for details).





Authorised & Accredited Service: Qualified, skilled moving light repairs.


Whilst we know that Robe moving lights are very reliable, occasionally they do need a little bit of TLC.

Enlightened Lighting is authorised to provide Accredited Service of all Robe moving lights.

We have a team of experienced technicians who have all completed Robe Technical Support Training.

With access to all parts, firmware and service manuals, there is not much that our electronics team are unable to repair, right down to component level if required.

Enlightened is able to arrange for collection of flight cased, moving light equipment by pallet courier if required and is, therefore, able to offer our repair services across the UK.