Enlightened Lighting is conscious of its impact on the environment and takes steps where possible to minimise it.

In many cases, environmental actions and decision are supported by economic gains.

Packaging – Incoming and Outgoing

  • Enlightened actively re-use packaging that goods arrive when packaging goods for dispatch.
  • Surplus packaging material is re-cycled.
  • We happily and actively remove product packing for re-use or recycling, even when on client sites.
  • Office waste is re-cycled where possible.
  • Waste is reduced by re-cycling and re-selling reusable parts of equipment before disposal.


  • Enlightened aim to further conserve energy, progressively improving heating and lighting systems.
  • Enlightened pro actively minimises energy and utilities.
  • Enlightened have installed and use energy saving devices to reduce its energy usage.

Transport & Deliveries.

  • Transport schedules are drawn up to minimise mileage and pollution.
  • Courier firms are used in addition to our vehicle fleet and integrated into our schedule to utilise their bulk and final mile transportation routes.

Waste Reduction

  • Where possible, communications are carried out electronically.
  • Paper-less faxing
  • Reusing scrap paper

Waste Management

  • Waste is only passed to authorized persons as defined by the EPA.
  • Waste oil and fuels are disposed of using an approved waste management company.
  • Waste Lamps are recycled via Reco-Lite.
  • Waste Batteries and collected and recycled.