Enlightened Training 2020

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Avolites Titan Training:

2 Day courses (Academy Level 1 & 2)

This January, Enlightened is delighted to be hosting Avolites at our headquarters in Bristol who will be conducting Titan Training Courses that cover all aspects of the Titan Mobile console and Titan One.

Titan Training Course

A structured course covering all aspects of the console from basic patching through programming to networking. With so much to learn the course is split into two parts, each lasting two days. There is an optional assessment to become an accredited programmer.

Basic knowledge of DMX and moving lights is required if you wish to attend the Avolites Academy Training.


Avolites Academy Level 1: (2 Day Course) 27th & 28th January 2020

Level 1 course works through everything you would need to know to build a show file from scratch on the Titan range of consoles. From patching fixtures into the console through recording playbacks, palettes and some of the effects engines that are built into Titan. Level 1 also covers cues lists, which is used for everything from corporate to circus, and theatre to gigs.

Price: Level 1 Course £150.00 + VAT


Avolites Academy Level 2: (2 Day Course) 29th & 20th January 2020

Level 2 course covers more advanced programming options and set up available already within Titan. As well as networking the course covers some ways to speed and aid your programming. External triggering and working with timecode.

Price: Level 2 Course £150.00 + VAT

Those attending both levels of the course can take an optional assessment. Based on the result of this you can be certified or accredited as a programmer on the Avolites website.

To sign up for either course or both visit the Avolites site via the link below


  • The option to obtain worldwide Avolites approved certification and recognition in operating and programming the consoles.
  • Have your name on our one of a kind list of recommended Avolites Titan Programmers.
  • Grow and update your skills and experience with programming and operating consoles.
  • Learn many new and up to date features as well as tips and tricks.
  • For anyone attending the training, Avolites can offer you a discounted rate on a Titan One USB dongle if purchased prior to, or during the Training Course

Successful completion of the Avolites Academy course gives several advantages:

  1. A high-level understanding of Avolites Titan, increasing the opportunities for more regular and higher pay rate projects.
  2. An understanding of where Avolites are taking the Titan and Ai platforms in this future with Titan Synergy. 
  3. An Avolites “Titan Certified Programmer” and listing on the Avolites web site – for grades 85% to 100%.
  4. An Avolites “Titan Endorsed Programmer”– for grades 65% to 84%. 
  5. An Avolites “Titan Approved Programmer”– for grades 50% to 64%. 
  6. Students completing the course will also receive an “Attendance Certificate”


Level 1: (2 Day Course) 27th & 28th January 2020
Level 2: (2 Day Course) 29th & 20th January 2020


Enlightened HQ
26-28 Emery Rd


Pasma Accredited 1-day training course

Comprehensive practical and theoretical instruction and training in the safe use of remote access towers for working at height.

The course covers all current guidance, legislation, code of practice and regulations affecting working at height with mobile access towers.

Practical training & instruction in assembling, altering and dismantling towers incorporating current best practices against fall protection, inspections of completed mobile towers, completion of inspection records, hazards affecting the use of towers and how to avoid them.

Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a PASMA certificate and photo card, which is valid for five years.

A light lunch is provided Free of Charge (please note should you require specific dietary provision we will wherever possible try to accommodate).

This course is eligible to participants of any experience who are over 16.

To book your place or find out more contact [email protected] or call 01179 727 123

Date: 12 February 2020
Time: 9.00 am - 5.00pm
Price: £100.00 (Includes Complimentary Light Lunch)
Location: Enlightened Offices Bristol


Zero88 FLX Series Training

Join us at Enlightened HQ for a free training day in partnership with Eaton Lighting Systems for hands-on Zero88 FLX/FLX S Lighting Console training. These informal and instructive sessions are designed to ensure participants leave fully prepared for their next show or event. 

Eaton’s specialists take participants through the FLX series console from initial set up and patching through networking specifics and event programming.

For more information and to book your space contact Zero88 at [email protected].

A light lunch is provided Free of Charge (please note should you require specific dietary provision we will wherever possible try to accommodate).


The day's course will cover: 

  • Hands-on, Zero88 FLX/FLX S console & visualizer; familiarisation & Set up.
  • Confident operation & programming for both theatrical & live events.
  • Work with generic, colour change & moving lights.
  • Learn about patch, RigSync, RDM & fixture personalities.
  • Receive a certificate of completion at the end


Course Details:

Dates: Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th March 2020

Price: FREE (including complimentary lunch)

Time: 10:00 am - 16:00 pm (Participants to be at ENLX at 9.30)

Location: Enlightened Offices Bristol 

NEXO Education Training Certification Program

COURSE: ETC 1 : Sound Reinforcement Principles

Designed for junior sound technicians and engineers and taught by NEXO instructors, this 2-day event progresses from theoretical classes in acoustic fundamentals, point source and line array theory, to practical hands-on training with NEXO’s line arrays. 
The course tuition is free of charge. Attendees are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. 
Attendees are also expected to bring their own laptop for the system design exercises.


2 Day Seminar, syllabus and timetable.


09:30-10:00 Company presentation
10:00-11:00 Acoustic Fundamentals and perception
11:15-12:45 Source radiation
14:00-15:30 System design with NS1: application to point source
15:45-17:00 System design with NS1: application to line source


09:30-10:30 Amplifier and DSP control: NxAMP
10:30-11:15 Audio network fundamentals
11:30-13:00 Audio network: application to Dante
14:00 -15:00 System remote control with NeMo
15:00 -17:00 System check procedure & hands-on with GEO M series
To book your place or find out more contact [email protected] or call 01179 727 123
(It is advised that attendees bring appropriate PPE gloves, steel toe caps to change into during practical training as applicable).

Dates: April 2020

Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd

Time: 10.00 am - 5.00pm

Price: Free to registered attendees  (Includes Complimentary Light Lunch)

Location: Enlightened Offices Bristol

ETC: Introduction to the Eos Control System

ETC’s Eos Family lighting desks provide simple and approachable control for integrated lighting rigs. This two-day course will teach you the basics and nuances of this high-level control system.

This hands-on class covers the Eos Ti, Gio and Gio @5 lighting desks on the latest software. This course is designed for those who have some prior experience with stage lighting and lighting control consoles.

Day one: Eos Essentials

You’ll learn about Eos major functions and how to navigate the desk. You will learn to program conventional and moving lights, work with palletised data, groups and submasters, and learn to create cues and use effects..

Class is from 10:00 – 17:00; lunch is provided.

Day two: Eos Practical

Having learned the basics of programming on day one, day two will give you the opportunity to put this training to use. We will write a series of cues utilising palettes, groups and effects "on the fly" to ensure you are prepared for your next production.

Class is from 10:00 – 17:00; lunch is provided.

Space is limited: only 8 seats are available for each session. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The course is free to attend.

You must be at least 16 years of age to attend this session. If you are aged 16 or 17 years of age and wish to attend, please email [email protected] before booking onto the course.  

To book your place or find out more contact [email protected] or call 01179 727 123

Dates: TBC - Late  2020

Time: 10.00 am - 5.00pm

Price: Free to registered attendees  (Includes Complimentary Light Lunch)

Location: Enlightened Offices Bristol