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Light to Light at The Holburne Museum

The Winter Light Installation was designed specifically for The Holburne Museum in Bath by lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe. Supported by electrical distribution, operation and maintenance from Enlightened, the Museum Garden was transformed by a spectacular display of LED lights of varying brightness and colour, creating a rich and layered bed of light that rippled and danced to a sound track compiled and created by English composer Matt Clifford.

Patrick Woodroffe, has produced lighting designs for an extraordinary collection of clients including ABBA, Lady Gaga, Take That, The Rolling Stones, The Three Tenors, and the London Symphony Orchestra, as well as special events including the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.

As well as the vital tasks of initial electrical distribrution and management of the installation throughout the event, Enlightened was also responsible for the 'silent disco' headphone setup used for the soundtrack created by composer Matt Clifford.

Photography courtesy of Rupert Marlow Photography.

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