Doughty Tab Track Straight Handline kit

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Doughty Tab Track Straight Handline kit

Line operated track kits include all the components required to install your chosen track length. A typical kit comprises of track, a nut and bolt set, master runner, pulleys, hauling line, line supports and a weighted hand pulley.

Each kit will come ready made to include:

1. Hauling Line

2. T63760 End Stops (x2)

3. T63755 Master runner (x1)

4. T63778 Double Guide Pulley (x1)

5. T63775 Return Pulley (x1)

6. T63756 Ball raced runners (1 per 300mm of track)

7. Doughty Tab Track Weighted Handline Pulley (x1)

Day rate : £24.00 Week rate : £36.00