Rosco Infinity Animation Rotator Kit

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Rosco Infinity Animation Rotator Kit

Rosco's new gobo animation device offers superb kinetic lighting effects combined with simplicity of use and low cost.

The Infinity device affixes to the gel frame of virtually any spotlight. You can choose from among 11 animation disks listed in the Rosco catalog and web site. Affix one of the disks to the device, place a steel or glass gobo in the gate, plug the Infinity into an outlet or dimemer and watch magic appear on your stage or studio. The Infinity is equipped with on-board control of the Infinity Disk speed and direction, as well as an on/off switch.

The Infinity™ device is entirely self-contained. You won't need additional controllers or power supplies. It will fit the gel frame of luminaries such as Altman 1-K and any fixture with 7-1/2" gel frame. It is also supplied with an adaptor plate for Source-4 sized fixtures or any luminary with a 6-1/4" gel frame. It is also supplied with a user specified Infinity Disk.

The Infinity Disks are stainless steel disks that are 16.5" (42 cm) in diameter and are available in eleven different etched pattern designs. The disks, being out of the focal plane, allows sharp focus on the gobo in the pattern slot while the rotating disk animates the effect of the gobo. The effect of rotating these disks creates moving effects such as fire, water or leaves. The key to the system is to choose the right gobo for the base effect.

Day rate : £16.33 Week rate : £24.50