Robe Light Dome 575 - Flown

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Robe Light Dome 575 - Flown

Robe LightDomes are the perfect answer to the problem of hiring and using moving lights out doors.

The LightDobe 575 offers protection against rain, snow and dirt for Robe fixtures with the 250AT/575AT base. The LightDome can either be directly floor-mounted or can be hung upside down on a truss system using Omega holders.

Enlightened have had replacement covers custom made to accept larger moving lights. Now you can hire the LightDome 575 and use the with Robe 700 & 1200 fixtures - or any other moving light. We term these "Bottle Dome Covers" and are now our standard cover. There is a picture below of one in use, suspended.

As they were the long awaited replacement for the Martin Mac dome, they have some additional features over the Mac Dome, mainly the ability to be suspended upside down!   We do now also have the original Martin Mac Domes available for hire too, completely re-furbished with new custom covers, though these are not the 'bottle dome' style.

Day rate : £60.00 Week rate : £90.00

IP Rating: 
Outdoor IP44
Main Plug: