Robe ColorWash 250 AT

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Robe ColorWash 250 AT

The ColorSpot 250 AT includes a new rotating gobo wheel with 7 replaceable SLOT&LOCK dichroic glass gobos + open, and a new colour wheel hosting 10 replaceable SLOT&LOCK colours + open. The 3-facet rotating prism is now also replaceable.


Completely new software enables very smooth rotations of gobos and prism, and 8 or 16-bit resolution for gobo indexing, prism indexing and dimmer. The improved cooling system ensures better operating conditions for lamp and reduces noise at the same time.


The ColorSpot 250 AT is aimed at the TV studios, small and middle sized clubs and discotheques, and various types of installations.

Day rate : £40.00 Week rate : £60.00

IP Rating: 
Indoor only
Light Source: 
Data Input: 
3pin DMX, 5pin DMX
Main Sockets: 
Wired / Wireless: 
Cable Type: