Robe Robin 100LEDBeam

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Robe Robin 100LEDBeam

Robe's super fast ROBIN 100 LEDBeam is the ultimate effects lighting tool. A highly optimized motorized control produces speedy pan and tilt movement, three LED zones allow the creation of various colour chases, and the extra punchy seven degree beam angle can be amplified with fast strobing.

Simplified control via pre-programmed colours, colour chases and effects on a virtual colour wheel and various strobing and pulsing effects allow quick and easy programming.

Enlightened supply a set of diffusion filters which can be placed infront of the unit to turn the beam into a wash light.

Weighing in a only 4Kg and consuming a maximum of 200w these units are useful in smaller venues and still pack a punch in beam mode for the larger ones.

Supplied with:

  • 16a to Powercon adapter
  • Top hat
  • 25 degree diffusion filter
  • 40 degree diffusion filter
Day rate : £33.33 Week rate : £50.00

IP Rating: 
Indoor only
Light Source: 
Data Input: 
5pin DMX
Main Plug: 
Wired / Wireless: 
Cable Type: