Alex Kreloff writing for a Robe around the UK. The University of South Wales final year #LightingDesign students recently showcased their skills to potential new applicants with the help of Bristol-based hire company Enlightened Lighting.

The team of eight students were tasked to create a short piece that could be presented at a corporate style event, to show possible future students what they could learn during their time on the BSc (Hons) Lighting Design and Technology course.

Using a range of ROBE lighting equipment, the students used colour and angle to illuminate a set, which was distributed and processed by two ENTTEC DataGates.

Supplementing the generics on the rig, the #Robe2500 Spots were the main lights used, creating strong beams. The ground support structure and circular truss housed 12 of Robe’s #LEDBeam100, provided by Enlightened Lighting alongside the projector for the event.

After an invitation to view the show and speak to applicants, Enlightened’s Hire Manager David Johnson, said: “I love supporting USW. As an alumnus of the course, I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of the lecturers, and the strong industry links that have been forged by the University to help graduates bridge the gap between academic life and working life. I am proud to be able to give something back to my Alma Mater and thoroughly enjoy helping aspiring students to flourish in the world of work and their chosen field.

“The students put on a fantastic show, I was amazed by the high standard of design and the complexity of the control systems they had employed to marry up audio, video and lighting to create a complete show that showed off the best of what USW students have to offer to potential employers.

“The LEDBeam100s are fantastic little units, punchy and quick! They are a cornerstone of our rental inventory, and they go out regularly. Robe design products to last, and it's a testament to their design and the effort that Robe invest in their product that these units are still working reliably and are popular as ever!”

Course leader for Lighting Design, Stuart Green, added: “It’s great for our students to work with industry professionals and to have experience of using industry standard equipment to develop and hone their skills. This means that they are then ready to hit the ground running when they graduate. Working with our alumni also helps to demonstrate to our students the careers that they can go on to have, and we always look forward to working with our former graduates.”

Fantastic work there guys, we at #RobeLighting love to see our fixtures used in a such a large range of situations! Keep up the good work :)

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Photo Credit goes to Stuart Green

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