We got on board with these brilliant units early on and they have proved themselves so versatile, reliable and popular we have purchased six more of ETC’s ColorSource Spot LED Profiles, to extend our hire stock to a total of thirty. We have also increased our stock of ETC’s Fresnel adaptors making these units an even more flexible choice. 

ETC’s ColorSource® range broke new ground in LED technology and their ColorSource Spot LED Profile luminaire makes this technology affordable on a modest budget.  With a rich powerful array of Red, Green, Blue and Lime chips these units afford truer colour reproduction that outperforms and outshines their competitors LED output.

"The color is what sets it apart," explains ETC Fixtures Product Manager Jim Uphoff. "Compared to RGB fixtures or RGB with amber or white, ColorSource Spot establishes a new benchmark. We're redefining the concept of 'cheap LEDs' by offering brightness and color quality at a price point that others simply can't match."

Simple to use, these units work with any lighting control desk or can be used console-free via their intuitive built in control interface, making them indispensable for specialist technicians and aspiring enthusiasts alike.

They are versatile too, the ColorSource Spot LED Profile accepts all the accessories, zoom and fixed-focus lens tubes, and CYC and Fresnel adapters that fit ETC’s Source Four® LED luminaires. You get the versatility of the Source Four LED system in an affordable fixture capable of filling any role in a light rig.

'Don't be a victim of bad lighting' is ETC ColorSource’s mission statement. With these units we think they’re spot on!