Avolites Titan Training:

2 Day courses (Academy Level 1 & 2)

This January, Enlightened is delighted to be hosting Avolites at our headquarters in Bristol who will be conducting Titan Training Courses that cover all aspects of the Titan Mobile console and Titan One.

Titan Training Course

A structured course covering all aspects of the console from basic patching through programming to networking. With so much to learn the course is split into two parts, each lasting two days. There is an optional assessment to become an accredited programmer.

Basic knowledge of DMX and moving lights is required if you wish to attend the Avolites Academy Training.


Avolites Academy Level 1: (2 Day Course) 27th & 28th January 2020

Level 1 course works through everything you would need to know to build a show file from scratch on the Titan range of consoles. From patching fixtures into the console through recording playbacks, palettes and some of the effects engines that are built into Titan. Level 1 also covers cues lists, which is used for everything from corporate to circus, and theatre to gigs.

Price: Level 1 Course £150.00 + VAT


Avolites Academy Level 2: (2 Day Course) 29th & 20th January 2020

Level 2 course covers more advanced programming options and set up available already within Titan. As well as networking the course covers some ways to speed and aid your programming. External triggering and working with timecode.

Price: Level 2 Course £150.00 + VAT

Those attending both levels of the course can take an optional assessment. Based on the result of this you can be certified or accredited as a programmer on the Avolites website.

To sign up for either course or both visit the Avolites site via the link below


  • The option to obtain worldwide Avolites approved certification and recognition in operating and programming the consoles.
  • Have your name on our one of a kind list of recommended Avolites Titan Programmers.
  • Grow and update your skills and experience with programming and operating consoles.
  • Learn many new and up to date features as well as tips and tricks.
  • For anyone attending the training, Avolites can offer you a discounted rate on a Titan One USB dongle if purchased prior to, or during the Training Course

Successful completion of the Avolites Academy course gives several advantages:

  1. A high-level understanding of Avolites Titan, increasing the opportunities for more regular and higher pay rate projects.
  2. An understanding of where Avolites are taking the Titan and Ai platforms in this future with Titan Synergy. 
  3. An Avolites “Titan Certified Programmer” and listing on the Avolites web site – for grades 85% to 100%.
  4. An Avolites “Titan Endorsed Programmer”– for grades 65% to 84%. 
  5. An Avolites “Titan Approved Programmer”– for grades 50% to 64%. 
  6. Students completing the course will also receive an “Attendance Certificate”


Level 1: (2 Day Course) 27th & 28th January 2020
Level 2: (2 Day Course) 29th & 20th January 2020


Enlightened HQ
26-28 Emery Rd