Milos MR1T 10m x 8m Outdoor Roof System

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Milos MR1T 10m x 8m Outdoor Roof System

Price on application


Outer Structure Dimensions 12.8m x 8.5m
Stage Platform Dimensions 10m x 6m (32’x20’)
Maximum Height 5.90m
Stage Area 60sqm
Maximum internal Height 5.60m
Platform / Stage Height 900 / 1200mm
Max Load Bearing Capacity 1650kg UDL
Stage Floor Black Painted Ply - see details below
Max Wind Speed 62mph
Walls Solid blackout walls
Ballast Required up to 6000kg - see options below
Estimated Build Time 8hrs


  • Level site, 12.8M x 8.5M
  • Vehicle access for 18t truck
  • Crew welfare facilities

32’x20’ (10m x 6m) Staging System

  • Litedeck, 8ft by 4ft panels. Multileg adapters & Screw Jacks provided.
  • Handrails: Provided for 3 side of the stage.
  • Treads / Steps: 2 sets of treads provided
  • Ramp: Truck loading ramp available. Disabled access available as an additional option.


Included in the price is fixing for soil, where there is unrestricted use of 1200mm long fixings. Alternatively, concrete, water and gravel options are also available.

Lighting & Sound

Full Lighting & Sound packages can also be provided. Please ask for more details.


One rigger along with 4 additional crew members are required for the set up and derig. An Enlightened rigger must remain on site / standby for the duration of the event or while the site is open. This could be incorporated into the lighting and sound crew team.
An anemometer will be installed on the structure to monitor wind speed.
Day rate : £0.00 Week rate : £0.00

Truss Type: