Apollo Scroller Unit

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Apollo Scroller Unit

Smart Color® scrollers are made from durable lightweight aluminum. They offer large apertures to ensure maximum beam angles and light output. Precision motor bearings allow for quiet operation. Other standard features include state-of-the-art digital circuitry with rotary DMX addressing, an automatic scrolling mode to continuously scroll or frame-by-frame step through each color at various speeds without the need for a lighting console, and remote fan control.

Each Smart Color® scroller comes with pre-installed Apollo Gel Shield to extend gel string life, a standard mounting plate of your choice and a safety cable. The standard gel string is also pre-loaded for additional convenience.

Standard color scroll consists of Rosco Supergel:

00  26  27  49  89  389  312  317  359  80  370  90  66  74  40  32

Day rate : £13.33 Week rate : £20.00

IP Rating: 
Indoor only

Installing An Apollo Smart Color Scroller Gel String