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A user-fiendly unit designed and built for club and mobile disco applications. Thanks to its 2 fast-moving mirrors, this sturdy compact unit creates a fascinating twin effect covering a wide area. Fitted with built-in electronics, the Raptus rotates its beams in sync with the music and colors them continually with its built-in colorchanger's high quality dichroic filters.

Safety devices

  • Manufactured to CE norms
  • Power cut-off in the event of over-heating
  • Forced ventilation via double axial fan
  • Full mirror support
  • 13A to IEC Power cable
  • Protected to IP20

Technical features

  • 8 dichroic colors
  • Highly polished mirrors
  • Precision motors
  • High quality lenses
  • Built-in circuit board with adjustable audio trigger
  • Uses two 250W 120V ENH lamps
  • Power Supply: 117V - 220/240V 50/60Hz
Day rate : £16.67 Week rate : £25.00

IP Rating: 
Indoor only
Light Source: 
Main Plug: 
Wired / Wireless: 

Raptus Demo