36 x 10A (2kW) Touring Dimmer

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36 x 10A (2kW) Touring Dimmer

36 channels of dimming plus 12 channels of non-dim patched to 96 outputs.

RUGGED STEEL CHASSIS. The Tour series rack utilises 6 standard 2U hard-wired output Paradime dimmers mounted in a chassis constructed from an all steel welded cage and finished in an attractive two tone grey polymer powder coating. Suitable for semi-permanent installations where re-assignable outputs and output routing is required. For ‘travelling duty’ the system is supplied suspended within a high quality roadcase fitted with locking casters, butterfly catches, handles and removable front and back doors. The patch bay is protected by a separate lid section which can be left in place during performance to prevent unauthorised re-patching.

REAR OUTPUT PANEL. All 96 outputs are routed from the patch to the rear panel which is fitted with 16 high quality 19pin multi-pole connectors wired in the normal format. Alternatively, most other popular connector and wiring configurations are available as special order options. Ceeform 125A 3 phase + Neutral and Earth input connectors are supplied as standard. A ‘through’ connection is fitted to simplify mains distribution when the rack is not using the full supply capability.

NON-DIM SUPPLIES. With the growing popularity of ‘moving’ or ‘intelligent’ lights, more applications require constant as opposed to dimmed feeds. The Paradime Tour Series rack caters for this and provides constant non-dim supplies which by-pass the dimmers. These are protected directly by circuit breakers on the mains distribution panel and are available to power moving lights, colour scroller systems, smoke machines, special effects etc. alongside the standard dimmable lighting loads.

PATCH PANEL. The Paradime Tour Series rack includes a full ‘hot’ patch bay where each dimmer output is available at two 3 pin sockets. The 6 non-dim circuits each rated at 16 Amps maximum are also routed to the patch bay in six groups of four further sockets. All 96 ‘feeds’ (36x2 dimmer + 6x4 non-dim) may then be patched using the leads supplied to any of the 96 output lines. The output lines are wired to the multi-pole output connectors on the rear panel. Shows can be quickly configured using the minimum of extra cabling and mains distribution gear. The rack lid can be secured into position whilst the unit is operated preventing unauthorised or accidental patch changes during a show or between tour venues.

LITTLITE OPTION. A 19” flexible low voltage littlite system is available as an add-on option at point of order. This provides lighting for the front and top of the rack when operating in blacked-out areas.

Overall RCCD plus individual MCB protection.

SUPPLY DISTRIBUTION PANEL. This panel distributes the incoming mains power to each dimmer, non-dim output group, and to a front panel service socket. It incorporates an RCCD residual current device or Earth leakage trip which protects the complete rack system. Split protection options are available to special order.Three Phase-healthy neons are included to confirm all three phases are connected and working, an additional neon is wired across the earth and neutral connections and will light should there be an input wiring error. A Ceeform socket rated at 16 Amps, and protected by a separate circuit breaker is provided to power a lighting desk, ancillary piece of equipment or provide a temporary power source for test

Day rate : £130.00 Week rate : £195.00