Smoke Factory Tour Haze II

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Smoke Factory Tour Haze II

2 DMX channels for very fine haze or fog-like output.

The Tour Hazer II is controlled by two DMX channels making it possible to control both the internal fan and the Haze-Output independently. With the help of the fan the Haze produced can be widely distributed throughout the venue, and does not require C02 or anything similar to operate.

Thanks to the special Tour Hazer fluid, the Tour Hazer II consumes very little fluid. Each drop of fluid is used efficiently, making it possible to create continuously generated Haze for up to 120 hours (5 days) with a 5ltr. canister.

The high-quality components in the Tour Hazer II make operation extremely quiet. The air pump regulates itself automatically during operation, and depending on the amount of fluid consumption the Hazer will operate more quietly.

With the Tour Hazer II in “off mode”, it is able to clean itself when the show is finished. The “off mode” can either be started manually or will automatically start after the DMX console is turned off for several seconds activating the built-in air pump to clean the heater and hoses thus ensuring a long life of the components.

Day rate : £40.00 Week rate : £60.00