Jem Glaciator X-Stream Low Smoke Fog Machine (32a)

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Jem Glaciator X-Stream Low Smoke Fog Machine (32a)

32A chilled smoke machine DMX controllable..

Where silence is golden and space is rare, the Glaciator X-Stream’s remote ducting system allows you to place the unit up to 10 meters away from its application area.

The glaciator is available with two types of fluid:

Heavy Fog Fluid (B2 mix): This specially made fluid produces a dense ground-hugging effect which will disperse and evaporate before any visible rising. B2 is ideally suited for dramatic scenes involving a lot of stage activity or dance.

Heavy Fog Fluid (C3 mix):  A longer lasting, higher density fog is sometimes required in a more controlled environment. With its longer hang time, C3 Mix is ideal for “waterfall” and “curtain” type effects

Day rate : £186.67 Week rate : £280.00