Audac WX802OB

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Audac WX802OB

Outdoor 8in Speaker

The AUDAC WX802/OB is a powerful 2-Way, 8” loudspeaker cabinet which is specifically designed for outdoor use. It lends itself to a wide variation of outdoor applications, ensuring a clear and powerful sound reproduction.

Hereby, the WX802/OB is the perfect companion for outdoor applications where a clear background music is desirable throughout the day, and a more powerful sound with deeper bass is necessary when the party erupts after sunset.

The sound is coming from a weather-proof treated 8” low frequency loudspeaker in combination with a 1” dome tweeter, which are built in a aesthetical and solid synthetic enclosure.

The mounting of the loudspeaker can be done in a horizontal and vertical way by means of the included mounting bracket, which passes the 96 hours salt-spray test due to its special electroplated coating.

A drain hole behind the aluminium front grill allows to let the moisture flow out, when condensation occurs.

The connections and power settings can be made with the rotatable waterproof connector on the rear side of the loudspeaker. The power can be set in three adjustable steps for 100V and one step for 16 Ohm standard low impedance applications.

Day rate : £5.00 Week rate : £12.50

IP Rating: 
Outdoor IP44
Speaker type: