Yamaha TF Rack

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Yamaha TF Rack

The TF-RACK is a compact rack-mount version of the TF Series, offering the same levels of performance and groundbreaking operability. This space-saving model is accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to seasoned engineers. The TF-RACK is an unbeatable choice when smooth, intuitive setup and operation is required in limited spaces.

  • Capable of mixing up to 40 channels
  • 16 mic/line inputs  & 1 stereo input
  • 8 XLR & 8 TRS outputs
  • 20 aux busses
  • 1 stereo bus
  • 1 sub bus

(Includes 8 channels of Dan Dugan's Automixer)

(Includes  Dante expansion card for TF series consoles)



Day rate : £60.00 Week rate : £150.00