Altair 4 Way Wireless Comms System

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Altair 4 Way Wireless Comms System

Finally a wireless comms system that just works! Full duplex audio, fully compatible with traditional wired comms too.

This system includes:

  • Altair WBS-200 Wireless Comms 4 Way Base Station
  • 4 x Altair WBP-210 Extreme Wireless Comms Belt Pack
  • 4 x Comms Single Muff Headset Tecpro
  • Altair WBPC210 4 way Wireless Comms Belt Pack Charger

The base station, as well as being the hub for the wireless beltpacks, also acts as a PSU and master station for a wired system. Tecpro, Stonewood Audio, Granite Audio & Metro Audio belt packs can all be connected in the usual way.

The Altair 5123 WBP210 Wireless Beltpack Extreme is designed to be robust. An added benifit is also that it has a standard 4pin XLR allowing the use of standard comms headsets rather than light weight alternatives.

Day rate : £166.66 Week rate : £250.00