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Stockham Primary School

Theatrical Lighting Upgrade

Enlightened were approached by Stockham Primary School to upgrade the theatrical lighting in their school hall to provide simple captivating lighting states that could be easily used by staff and pupils to provide exciting new lighting for school performances and drama classes.

We installed a single internally wired lighting bar in their main school hall. Three Chauvet Eve Par LED lanterns were supplied and rigged to wash the performance area in vivid RGB controllable colour. We recommended the Eve Par as the ideal option for the school as in our opinion these brilliant fixtures provide performance and reliability that far exceed their inexpensive price point. Along with great colour rendition and fanless silent operation, they are simple to operate with magnetic click fit, interchangeable lenses and a robust body and frame. Their internal dimming makes them both simple and economical to install too.

In addition, a single Chauvet Eve Profile lantern provides a crisp warm white spotlight. With a high colour rendering index value of 81, the Eve Profile renders exceptionally faithful colour rendition of performers skin tone, costumes and set.

Lighting control is provided by an ETC ColourSource 20 lighting console, which we believe to be the perfect solution for the school as it provides hands-on control with an approachable, streamlined interface, making setup and programming intuitively simple. Users can take full advantage of the new LED fixtures, without the hassle of complex programming. The integrated touch screen enables users to drag icons representing their fixtures onto a virtual ‘stage space’, these icons can then simply be tapped to set colour and intensity levels before recording the state into a cue or submaster, this information builds into a cue stack, allowing the user to playback a series of cues, or ‘looks’, over the course of a school play.

Whilst modest in capacity the new lighting rigs use of RGB controllable LED fixtures allows the school far greater creative control than a comparable rig of twice as many traditional fixtures. The intuitive control also belies a capacity for easily programmable complex lighting cues that will allow the school to make the very most of their new lighting system with the facility to produce really exciting, creative and professional school plays, dance recitals and performances of every kind.

We also installed a mirror ball, rotator and pin spots that produce beautiful swirling light effects, allowing the school hall to further transform for dances and special events. It is always incredibly rewarding to see how such a simple and cost-effective addition can delight both pupils and teaching staff.


1 x Internally Wired Advance Bar
1x ETC ColorSource 20 Console
3 x Chauvet EVE Par 130 RGB
1 x Chauvet EVE E-100Z WW LED Profile
1 x 40cm (16") Mirror Ball
2 x Event Spot DL, Black Unit, Daylight (Cold White) 15W LED
1 x DMX Mirror Ball Rotator










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