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Rainbow Bridge NHS & Keyworker Tribute

North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency (NMWTRA)

We were privileged to facilitate Traffic Wales and the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency (NMWTRA) in lighting the aptly nicknamed Rainbow Bridge over the A55 to show support and gratitude for the tireless work of our NHS, social care staff and other key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This well-known landmark, between Llanddulas and Colwyn Bay, looked spectacular on the evening of May the 5th vividly lit in rainbow colours with a Welsh flag and thank you message projected onto the facing cliffside.

Ben Dodds, our Crew Chief, and LD, highlighted how he and his colleagues Shaun Zedlewski and John Young tackled the particular challenges the project required.

“Due to safety restrictions around dazzling traffic and only being able to close the carriageways for short durations, we were very restricted with where we could light the bridge from. This is where the Elation Fuze Profiles came into their own. Having a low power LED fixture that is punchy enough, has great colour mixing, and crucially has framing shutters was what made this possible.

All of the cable and equipment had to be carried up and over the bridge and some steep embankments and had to be set up, programmed, and derigged within a five-hour window. The team worked closely with the highways agency who put in rolling roadblocks to allow the installation to be photographed safely without distracting drivers”. 


  • 8 x Elation Fuze Profiles
  • ETC ION Xe + iPad
  • 6kVA Generator

Our thanks to Octagon Engineering Services & SPIE for their participation.

All images courtesy of Ben Dodds


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