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Mercedes-Benz UK


Enlightened are delighted to have been part of the team delivering the Mercedes UK  promotional stands at events across the UK this summer including at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Countryfile Live and Carfest

Enlightened provided zoned audio for product talks and music playback for each event. This included Nexo and Audac IP rated PA systems, Sennheiser wireless microphones and a Yamaha TF control system. This was all controlled remotely with an iPad via a bespoke WiFi network, allowing our Sound Engineer to always be in the heart of the action as it moved around.

At Silverstone, Enlightened also oversaw the projection mapping of Mercedes’ new all-electric EQC in conjunction with Limbic Cinema. Projectors, hardware and control were provided by Enlightened whilst Limbic Cinema produced the content, precisely matching it to the cars contours and design features, emphasising lines and highlighting the cars cutting edge all-electric drive.

To ensure that the bespoke content mapped the car's lines perfectly when projected, the team utilised a 3D model of the EQC to produce the content in the correct format and then used Madmapper to precisely align the individual lines of animation to exactly match the cars contours right down to the minutest element.

Production Manager Ben Dodds said, "our new Yamaha TF Rack was a great fit for these jobs, it has a very compact footprint, is very user-friendly and is easily expandable, but also has the feature set of a much larger console”.








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