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Bath Abbey Lighting Upgrade

Over the last 12 months Bath Abbey has seen the installation and commissioning of two new systems to update the building and infrastructure.
Completed in two phases, the first was that of controlling the existing amenity lighting. The existing lighting, comprising of many chandeliers and discharge lights were all controlled by a large matrix of switches. Enlightened were instructed to design, specify and install a comprehensive, adaptable control system.

The completed installation now includes 8 channels of Zero 88 Chilli Pro dimming (Chilli Pro 4-10i) alongside 20 channels of Zero88 Chilli Pro High Frequency switch packs (Chilli Pro 4-10 HF).

Day to day control is over Chilli Net, with a system of three Brass Control Panels, connected together through a Chilli Net Bridge.
Along side the Chilli Net a comprehensive DMX distribution system has been installed allowing full DMX control of all the 'House Lights' for theatrical and other performances.

The second phase was the installation of a stage lighting solution. With the Abbey being used more regularly as a performance venue, they were keen to have a permanent installation.
Careful and stringent design criteria were required to enable the granting of the relevant permissions and faculties, but the final solution has been well received as worth while.

Ten IWB have been installed at a height over 11m Powder coated to match the Bath Stone, mounted on specifically design brackets, these IWB provide the outlets for 48 channels of Zero88 Chilli Pro Dimming and 24 channels of switchable 16amp hot power. This is of course along side DMX outlets on each IWB backed up by a full distribution system.

The installation has been topped off with a number of Selecon Philips lanterns. Enlightened have supplied and focused for regular use 6x High Performance Rama PC's, 6x 2kw Arena Fresnels and 6 1000W 5.5-13deg Pacific Zoom spot Profiles.

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