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Ballet at Hatch House 2019

The Covent Garden Dance Company

Enlightened was delighted to provide full production lighting, staging and audio for this seasons Covent Garden Dance Company’s boutique ballet performances, taking place within the stunning 17th century, Arts and Crafts, gardens of Hatch House.

Hatch House Ballet; showcases an evening of exquisite performances from a host of world-class international ballet stars. This year marked the 10th anniversary of this incomparable event with an exclusive celebratory programme that draws on selected works from across the events decade at Hatch House, as well as new pieces specifically created for this special anniversary event.

Our crew absolutely love facilitating this unique and enchanting event and always aim to enhance every performance’s ethereal beauty and ensure the house looks as breathtaking as possible.

Architectural lighting of the beautiful 17th century Hatch House and grounds was provided by LED floods and uplighters, positioned to wash the walls of the house in warm colour and angled to accentuate the buildings period architectural details enhancing sculptural shadows to produce a truly stunning backdrop to the evening’s event. The approach to the house was lit by uplighting the canopies of the trees, either side of the drive with further uplighting and masses of warm pea-lighting turning the grounds and garden into an otherworldly and magical setting for the evenings ballet.  

Production: Lighting incorporated a rig of ETC ColorSource fixtures controlled by a Zero88 Jester console, with a Nexo audio system and Milos staging and rigging.

Images Courtesy of Jamie Randall: Randall Photos



We have been providing full production for this magical event for almost an entire decade with 2016's performance clips below no exception.







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