Arcline Optic 12 RGB

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Arcline Optic 12 RGB

The Anolis ArcLine Optic combines state of the art lighting technology with a balanced design profile to create truly specifier class lighting systems. Using only the finest materials and precision manufacturing techniques the Anolis ArcLine Optic provides the professional solution for your lighting requirements.

The highest quality interchangeable optical system ensures that the desired effect can be achieved in the widest range of application possibilities. Utilizing high powered Luxeon Emitters the Anolis ArcLine Optic is unsurpassed in performance, reliability and quality.

These units in Enlightened's hire stock have been modified with a different style of feet which were designed in house. These allow the battens to either be screwed into set or to be hung using a hook clamp it also provides a safety bond attachment point.

Day rate : £6.00 Week rate : £9.00

IP Rating: 
Indoor only
Light Source: