Christie LX700 Projector, 7000 Lumen

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Christie LX700 Projector, 7000 Lumen

Price includes a free lens

The Christie® LX700 and Christie LHD700 are single-lamp projectors featuring 4DColor™ technology that increases the color gamut by 20 percent over comparable 3LCD models, resulting in true-to-life color and improved image and video quality. Motorized lenses and digital keystone capabilities make these projectors easy to set up and use.


Input 1: DVI-D, VGA
Input 2: 5-BNC (R, G, B, H, V & Y, Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr & Composite)
Input 3: S-Video, RCA x 3 (Video/Y, Pb/Cb,Pr/Cr)

Day rate : £180.00 Week rate : £450.00